It’s the intro

I’m Adrian Graham.

I write fiction, blog about stories and storytelling, and take photos with my iPhone.


In a nutshell

This is my personal blog.


The longer version

Yes, I used to do Twitter and all that social media stuff <insert yawn>, but I reverted back to the good old fashioned blog—and I don’t regret it one bit.

The label ‘personal blog’ implies some kind of rambling mishmash. But hey, this is my personal blog—right—so I can do what I want with it. The ‘chocolate box assortment’ of subjects includes: a lucky dip of random cultural thoughts <cough>, geeky tech musings & rants, plus observations about day-to-day ‘crap’ like smoothie recipes and pornography.


Don’t forget

I blog about meaning and identity in storytelling at The Subtext. You should visit.


Questions, questions

If you have one, email me, or fill in this rather splendid form: